Naked Leader Week – Start Yours With It!

THERE is nothing like a Naked Leader Week to provoke the thought processes on a Monday morning.

David Taylor
Naked Leader founder, David Taylor

It says a lot that Naked Leader founder David Taylor’s blog inspires people from all walks of business life to get involved and comment on the forum. If you haven’t already done so, what are you waiting for?

Three recent Naked Leader Week examples –

1. Read this to remove your fear of failure…

It included this introduction.

You and I don’t fear ‘failure’ – we fail all the time, we get things wrong every day, it is very familiar to us.

What we fear is the idea of something going wrong, and this alone is the main thing that stops us doing that something – not because we can’t do it, because we fear what might go wrong if we do.

And this fear exists entirely in our minds – how can it not? – the only way to know if something ‘works’ is to actually do it. The power of the mind to help us is without limit, just as the power of the mind to hinder us, is without limit.

Health Warning!!!

Reading on from here will not only prove that the fear of failure exists entirely in your mind, it will bring you a sense of calm, peace and relaxation you may not have felt in years. Only read on if that is what you want, because that is what will happen…

Jane Reid commented: ‘Very simple, powerful – and true! Thank you David.’

Daniel Terat added: ‘As you say David, everybody fails. It’s what they do to turn things around that counts.’

And Jackie Witney was moved to say: ‘Also other people can give you fears of failure that you didn’t have. If you share something you are going to do, you find people saying but what about if this or that happens, and it can put you off. I like to say but what if this or that doesn’t happen, I’m doing it anyway.’

2. To my daughter was an open letter from David to Olivia and was particularly poignant. It began…

You have been an inspiration to me, my beliefs and writing every day since I first met you, when you were just 3 years old. I write about you, talk about you and am still amazed at how much you and your brother have taught me, and continue to do so…

And three, the reason for the timing of this letter – you have just passed your final exam to become a qualified Management Accountant. WOW!!! You passed every exam first time, you carried on your day job at Whitbread throughout, and when you came home you never once took your stress of studying out on me.

Well, maybe that last bit isn’t entirely true! But I don’t mind. How could I? Because, achievements, arguments and anything else aside, please always know this one thing more than any other: I love you.

One reader, Amanda, via email, commented: ‘WOW! I have tears of joy reading this …. what a wonderful inspiration she must be to those lucky to be around her!’

Another, Mark Moorton, said: ‘Hi David – what a wonderful open letter today to your daughter – and many congratulations to Olivia on her amazing success. Puts everything else into perspective.’

While Alan M contributed: ‘Hi David, I have to say, this is truly inspirational and almost brought a tear to my eye (but I bit my lip just in time!). I’m going to have to keep this one for the next occasion someone needs a bit of help with their “self belief”.’

3. What Happens Next?

Is entirely up to you Always.

We always have total control and ownership of what we say and do – how we act. We don’t always have control of what other people say and do – how they act.

We do, however, always have control of how we react. Not just to what other people say and do, also to events, emails, the weather etc. 

And when we take control – 100% ownership of how we react, we can react in a way that takes us closer to our outcome, and not further away.

Peter Yeo’s was a clever response and he said: ‘I love these weekly e-mails… I just felt that I needed to react to this one.’

Diana Oakes reacted too, saying: ‘…and how we react includes, crucially, NOT REACTING. For quite some time in my leadership past, this was on my Development Plan: take a step back. DON’T REACT immediatelly or don’t react AT ALL. In my eagerness to reply to an email or an event without delay, in order to be seen as ‘timely’ etc. I often made the mistake of rushing in with a response or solution, which invariably was either half-baked (not thoroughly thought out), too emotionally charged or simply unnecessary. I have since learned the art of NOT REACTING. That in itself, is a reaction, and in some situations actually the best reaction.’

Olivia Maycock responded: ‘Love this! ‘Stop and think’ is what I’m trying to achieve (isn’t always easy though!)!! Also love Diana’s comment about “non-reaction” – another thing I find hard…’

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