Naked Poll Is The One To Beat

POLLS apart? Yes, absolutely! Of course we’re biased. However, we genuinely believe David Taylor’s Naked Leader Week is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to challenging people to extract the very best out of themselves. The qualities they already have that may need a little encouragement in coming to the fore. The poll questions have been as entertaining as ever. Here’s two of them.

Rarely has there been a 100% ‘yes’ vote. This was the case for the question of whether investment into organisations such as The Prince’s Trust should be funded by Government, rather than the charity themselves.

There was a resounding affirmative after Vikky Howells told her story of how she became an ambassador for the Trust, having overcome difficulties in her personal life, her young son Luca developing chronic lung disease.

The organisation invested £4,000 in her business, Premier Logistical Solutions Ltd after a difficult spell when she worked 80-hour weeks for a company she knew she had to leave to devote more time to Luca. Fourteen months on her business turned over £250,000 in its first year and early forecasts suggest £300-£350,000 in year two.

Cristophe Courth commented: ‘Vikky is an inspiration to us all and like her, the young people The Prince’s Trust helps have often had such unimaginably difficult starts in life, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles preventing them from getting their lives back on track, such as illness, homelessness, abuse, criminal records, lack of education etc, etc.

‘Their drive, determination and conviction to really overcome adversity and make a positive change in their lives is deeply inspiring. I am proud to work for a charity that helps others to make that crucial change in their lives.’

Norman Brook added: ‘David and Vikky, thank you for sharing this story with us. I work in Southern Africa for an NGO (non Governmental organisation) that is using the convening power of football to engage with youth, to develop individuals to make positive decisions in life, avoid risk behaviour, and contribute back to their families and communities.

‘I will be using the phrase, “I realised that nothing was going to change unless I made the change” in the future and your story as an example to young people around the world.’ Thank you to both Cristophe and Norman for their contributions.

The Naked Leader believes the Government should be more proactive in helping out such brilliant organisations as as The Prince’s Trust.

For the second poll, another overwhelming majority voted in favour of the notion that people often let what they can’t do stop them doing what they can. It is a damning statistic and shows that, as individuals, we can do more to think and act positively to achieve more than perhaps we settle for.

David touched on leaders having the power to make a single choice that would make the biggest impact on a company – that of identifying, unlocking and unleashing the single biggest strength in everyone.

Boris Cahn summed up the Naked Leader ethos by saying: ‘I’m best at being the best at what I do. I don’t settle for anything less than trying to be top at what I am undertaking. That’s a great quality in my eyes and I love the drive and enthusiasm I have.’

And Ryan Norris enthused: ‘I have always been a positive person and like to think that is one of my strengths. In adversity, I like to remain positive and am fairly confident I will bounce back out of any situation. For me that is a virtue I am proud to possess.’

The Naked Leader encourages positivity and believes we all have it within us to be the best we already are. We have to work out our strengths and then decide what we are going to do about using them. It is not that thinking about it that makes the difference, though. It is the doing something. When you have worked out what it is you are good at, use that strength to make a difference. Don’t think it, do it!

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