NLP – Make It Work For You

WE can all tune in to a radio station. We can also dial in to a conversation. The question is, as business leaders and high achievers, are you able to build immediate rapport with an audience? Do you possess the ability to empathise with that gathering, whatever their background, while delivering a key message which may be the difference to your business?

One man for whom this type of communication is second nature is Naked Leader NLP Specialist, Bob Perry. Naked Leader sees these skills enabling them to connect with a global client base, ranging from multi-national corporations to small businesses.

‘In any context, it’s about being sensitive to other people, gathering information about what makes them tick through their behaviours,’ he says. ‘This gives you choices. You choose to be flexible with your own behaviour in order meet them in their world.’

Bob is a highly acclaimed leading international management consultant, coach and mentor, specialising in advanced leadership, behavioural and communication skills for high achievers and ambitious leaders.

If you think that’s a mouthful, then wait for it – Bob is at the leading edge of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – the psychology of influence. No hype, no jargon, Bob reveals precisely what you need to know and how to put it into immediate action.

‘I give people choices,’ says Bob. ‘I deliver a highly practical way of coaching communication skills, It is all about getting your mind, body and voice working together to have the greatest possible impact on the person or group of people you are talking to. It is about possessing the skills to become a phenomenal communicator.’

Reaching out to a diverse community requires real empathy and awareness. Bob avoids the ‘scatter-gun approach’, in which a message is delivered in the same way to everybody, without the capacity for maximum impact. He tunes in to the cultural and social behaviours of the people he is talking to. ‘With this heightened sensitivity, you can then choose to vary how you deliver the message to reach the many rather than the few,’ he adds.

‘These cultures can be international, national, business-specific. It is about being mindful of the culture. In addition, there are individual preferences to be taken into consideration, particularly when coaching.

‘If I am going into an IT company or a local authority or a solicitor’s, I will adjust how I deliver the message to reflect the different languages they speak.  Even within an organisation, different departments may have distinctive cultures; for example, HR, Finance, Sales are likely to operate in different ways.

‘It is all about recognising the cultural dynamic of the group or the preferences of the individual. By heightening your sensory acuity, you can then adapt the way you deliver the message.’

Bob’s philosophy and gift for teaching serve him well and he continues: ‘These techniques will help you develop and maintain lasting, genuine rapport in any given context. They help, for example, leaders become more inspiring and dynamic, managers become more effective and respected, salespeople more successful and proactive, and IT professionals more understood and positively regarded!

‘As David Taylor says, if something doesn’t work try something else. If that doesn’t work, try something else. If that doesn’t work……..etc, etc! So, sensitivity – choices – flexibility – rapport – success. They are all based on behaviours.’

Someone who has been to see Bob in action, and thought it hugely beneficial, was Naked Leader enthusiast, Julian Moore. ‘Bob strips away the hype and mystery,’ says Julian. ”It’s all about communication and how you can influence people.’

Julian was a little perplexed by the NLP title when he arrived at the seminar. Thanks to Bob’s approach, he was soon at ease. ‘NLP – that’s three letters I’d not actually heard of or understood the meaning of,’ he recalls. ‘I could tell my mum I’d been on an NLP course and she’d ask me what NLP stands for. If I told her it was Neuro Linguistic Programming she’d probably go and make herself a cup of tea and not want to hear any more. Bob wipes away the mystery and the hype and makes it understandable.

‘He shows you that it’s how you communicate using your body stance, speech, all the identifiers a human picks up on, to improve the perception of who you are.

‘By doing that you can influence the way they behave. You can change their mental state and, in turn, shape the receptors of people so they change their own behaviour. That’s very powerful and, when you build that rapport, you are able to use that to influence outcome.’

Interested in learning more? Then make a date for the next NLP, The Psychology of Influence seminar in February, a a high-impact event which delivers results. You will learn the benefits of The Positive Approach, The Power of Language and How to Apply It, “Mind-Readingand The Patterns of Rapport, as well as Practical Success, sustainable results for you and your teams. You will understand precisely how you and others think and act, giving you the tools to transform your communication, career and business leadership skills. What are you waiting for?

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