NLP (Naked Linguistic Programming)

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NLP (Naked Linguistic Programming)

NLP actually stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is sometimes known as “The Science of Rapport”.

NLP is a classic example of powerful, proven and plain how tos, that has dressed itself up in the king’s new clothes of mystery, jargon and hype.

For example, try to touch the plus sign:


You have probably touched it now – but that is touching it, not trying to touch it. Trying is a dangerous word that throws us into confusion – you will either do something, or you will not, and we often use “trying” as an excuse. Replace the word “try” with “do.”

You have no idea how much jargon NLP books come up with to describe that, and other simple ideas. I hope you will join me at The British Museum on the morning of Tuesday 12 November at a once-only London Business Forum Event – NLP Stripped Bare (my audio covers 3 of the 21 how tos you need to know about NLP).

NLP aside, how many other simple ideas in your organisation, project or life have also done this?

In my view, the greater the complexity, the greater the truth it is hiding.

If you agree with me, then do something about it – How far would you go with the stages below ie how brave are you?

Bronze – You will always speak in plain English, understandable by a ten year old, or a Golden Retriever dog.

Silver – Whenever anyone uses an acronym or jargon in a meeting you will say “excuse me, what does that mean please?” Especially when you know what it means. Trust me, you will be a hero.

Gold – Arrive at the point.

Platinum – You will do all papers/proposals/reports on a single page. Please use The Formula for Guaranteed Success (FGS!) for this if it helps.

We, mere human beings, need, crave and can only understand simplicity.

It’s the next big thing in business – make it the now big thing in your organisation, and life.

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