Now huddle up, this is very important

Time to listen and DO – 180 seconds
One of the main reasons you don’t do things is you are scared of what other people will think and say about you.

Get this; other people don’t spend that much time talking about you.

Sorry if that disappoints you.

They are too busy worrying what other people are saying about them.

Round and round it goes, and where it ends nobody knows.

Except for you.

You know what you are holding back on, for fear of what others will think or say.

Well, I have news for you – they won’t care. And if they do react negatively, so what, and it will probably be because you did something they wanted to do, for themselves, and they are jealous.

As long as you are being authentic, and being true to yourself, they will come round. Indeed, when you achieve your dream, those very few people who were stabbing you in the back, and telling each other that you had no chance, will be the first to say they “always knew you would do it.”

This week – two contradictory actions that will change lives:

1. Stop waiting for the permission you don’t need – (Will change your life).   And

2. Give your permission to someone you think is waiting for it – (Will change theirs).

With my love, best wishes and permission galore

David X


  • Elaine Neale

    As always, right on the button!
    Just sat here thinking about why I hadn’t done something and up you pop.
    Thanks and will now crack on.

  • kim cowie

    I am great at giving this advice to others, this might help me take it myself!

  • liz magem

    Another really helpful pointer David – can I offer one back. Remember that when we really listen we must be silent – and silent is and anagram of listen!!!!!!
    thank you

  • Francis Greve

    I have been worried about doing something for fear of failure in front of my colleagues. You are right, David. It really doesn’t matter what they think.
    It’s like a friend of mine who was on holiday and always worried about her hair looking just right.
    People are minding their own business and really don’t take much notice of others when they are on holiday.
    We should all learn to let our hair down a bit more without the worry and stress with what comes with thinking other people care.

  • Harry Peake

    People like to be liked and therefore want to please other people.
    At the end of the day you should only think about pleasing yourself.
    You only get one life!

  • Neil C

    Be yourself is my motto.
    Those who get on in life aren’t necessarily liked.
    far from it!

  • Andy

    Great article and it shows that sometimes to get ahead you need to ask, then take action, regardless of what others may think. Who knows? it may also take you a step closer to solving a problem.

  • Robert English

    The being true to yourself bit is the essential part.
    You have to be that, otherwise who are you?

  • Ryan Norris

    Being scared what other people think.
    We are all that.
    It’s so true.
    we seek reassurance from people, in some cases, people we don’t even know.
    We should just be who were are and go for it.

  • Chris Everton

    Do what you need to do to be yourself.
    Trying to please other people is a mugs game.

  • David Taylor

    Thank you all for your comments (Liz – listen is an anagram of silent – brilliant) – yes indeed, be yourself, and that is all you need to be David

  • Chris Everton

    Thank you David, it’s what i try to be.

  • Francis Greve

    As above, I am fighting my fear. Who cares what others think?

  • Michael Sumner

    Being yourself should be easy.
    Nobody should rely on others’ approval.
    You have to keep your own spirits raised, not really on your ‘fix’ from other people.

  • Maureen

    The fear of failure is in all of us but frankly, we are only on this earth once and need to get on be who we are, without fear of reprisal.

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