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I don’t believe in “comfort” zones, I think that people who are in such so called zones and very far from being comfortable – that deep down, they are deeply uncomfortable.

They know that they could achieve so much more; they know that they have far greater skills, strengths and talent than they are using every day and above all they know they are not living their passions and dreams.

Instead, I believe we have familiarity zones – as a habit, we return to what is most familiar to us. Again, we may not be “happy” in so doing, but by doing so we have a higher degree of certainty and predictability in our lives, and we all have a need for such security.

To change your life, and keep the change, you need to do something unfamiliar and deeply uncomfortable.

But what I think doesn’t matter one hoot, it is what you DO that matters, and the results you get by trusting your own experience.

If you agree with me, what are you going to do today that is very uncomfortable, to make that change in your life that you know, deep down you need to make?


If you don’t agree with me, what are you going to do today that is very comfortable, to make that change in your life that you know, deep down you need to make?

With energy, passion and love to you all

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  • Hunch

    Eh?? What’s one to do?! One minute I think “play to my strengths” (dont be a ‘jack of all and master of none’) – but wait – playing to strengths is a comfort zone! ‘
    Oh no! To REALLY get on, I have to do something drastic, rock the boat. The invoice is due for that double-glazing I just put in, so is today the day to make the change and do something really uncomfortable and unfamiliar?

    I probably DO need to do exactly that – but some days really are better than others to make the start.
    As Morrissey put it “Life tends to come and go. That’s okay, as long as you know…”

  • I had been in my comfort zone a long time, and yes it was comfortable and predictable and a nice stable place to be. But when something comes along (as it did for me in January) that makes you jump out of bed in the morning and where you feel you can really make a difference, it makes being comfortable look like premature step toward retirement. Comfort zone is great for a while to take stock and recharge, just don’t stay there too long before testing the boundaries again.

  • I agree, comfort zones are too easy to get bogged down in. I prefer the thrilling way too. To push the boundaries, while still paying the mortage of course.

  • To be in a comfort zone might be safe although it is not necessarily a good thing. Being safe is not to be adventurous and to life life to the full.
    There are times when being safe is okay. Now with the economy pressure lifting and businesses expanding, despite bank finance not being what it should be, there is opportunity to edge against the barrier of the zone and beyond it. You might even surprise yourself like I did.
    I know what it’s like to have a safe job and I decided to push the boundaries and test myself in the same field. It worked, to a degree, and I am happier for it although I won’t hang around in a new comfort zone. I will push on past the next frontier.

  • Comfort zones can be a great comfort when it comes to paying bills!
    As for stretching your personal horizons, there is something to be said from trying to escape from that situation. Once you have done that, you may find yourself in another comfortable position which is inevitable if you then get your feet under the table! It’s a sort of semi-vicious circle.

  • Doing what you can to make life better is all that counts.
    Whether or not you are in a comfort zone, if you are happy, then all is good.

  • My comfort zone was not so comfortable. I was always looking over my shoulder in the publishing industry wondering whether the story was going to end for me or not.
    So I took the plunge and went freelance and it was the best move I ever made.
    I guess there is a lot to be said for the fact you can move between comfort zones.

  • Doing something ‘deeply uncomfortable’ is a hard thing for anyone to achieve when they are in a comfort zone. Why should they even try?
    Being comfortable in your environment and existence is no bad thing.
    As somebody has said here, once you move you then become accustomed to the new role in any case, then again you feel ‘safe.’
    It’s not easy just to keep moving on. There are other ways one can challenge oneself. Other than through business or work.
    I prefer to do that and let my work remain comfortable as well as comforting.
    I would rather not rock the boat.

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