Olivia Joins NL In Meeting Of Minds

‘IT’S all in the mind’! You will know the phrase. And actually, everything we do is governed by how and what we think.

So, how well do you know your own mind – and more pertinently, do you mind your own business? In other words, do you lead, rather than follow, in your actions, in a proactive, rather than reactive way?

Olivia Solomon is someone who understands completely the thought processes behind why we do what we do.

Now Naked Leader is about to be the lucky recipient of the 23-year-old postgraduate’s expertise in the fascinating subject of psychology, an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviours.

Olivia has been appointed Psychology Researcher for Naked Leader, which is building its reputation in the academic world having already successfully woven partnerships with Ulster University Business School and Warwick University Business School.

She is an example of someone who knows her own mind and is determined to choose her own path in life and use the skills she has attained to make an impact with a major company in the long-term.

Now undertaking a masters course at Leeds University until September, she graduated from a three-year undergraduate degree in psychology in Manchester, attaining first class honours and demonstrating clearly she is one of life’s achievers. Now her path is set on applying her knowledge in the world of business.

‘In my studies I once did a dissertation on resilience and again that ties in with the Naked Leader ethos. So I am looking forward to working on projects and getting involved with Naked Leader in whatever field they would like me too.”

Olivia’s proactive approach is typical of how she tackles each day and she adds: ‘I don’t sit around and wait for things to happen. I have made them happen and applied what I have been studying in my own life.’

‘It comes down to how much you believe in fate and how much you believe you can affect life yourself by your actions. I don’t really believe in fate and prefer to think that we all have control. Rather than just think something, actually making it happen is possible.’

David added: ‘Olivia is extraordinary – she combines a deep knowledge of psychology with the ability to apply it in a really simple way. When she approached us, it was clear she was applying The Formula for Guaranteed Success – she was going to work as our Psychology Researcher and would not settle for anything less!’

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