One For(mula) All, and All For(mula) One

Time to Read – 34 Seconds

My good friend and excellent coach Paul Heath of The Phoenix Group wrote me an email:

“Did you know just how much ‘stuff’ exists on the internet about the formula? There is a lot! I’m not sure if you have this formula copy written or not, is it possible to do that?

Anyway, some people are quoting you as the source and some are not. Strangely some of the ones who do aren’t getting it quite right. I was wondering how you felt about it – flattered, unsurprised, pleased, annoyed, something else?”

Thank you Paul

How do I feel?

Many things, most of all excited, excited that it is being shared and that it is useful enough to deserve this.

Just in case you need reminding:

Know where you want to Go

Know where you are Now

Know what you have to do, to get to where you want to Go

And Do it!

I’ve said and written it many times, I know. That’s because it’s a message for all for all time and it works. And you already know that formula is yours, by the number of times you have applied it in your life, so far, by the number of times you will do so today, and by the number of times you will apply it in the future.

So please quote it, use it and apply it – as long as you make it your own.

With my love to you all – official copyright owners one and all.

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