Our Three Beliefs

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Our Three Beliefs…In our tenth anniversary year of 2012, based on the organisations, business and non-business leaders we have worked with around the world:

Belief One – Everything you need, to achieve anything you want…

…you already have within you right now – it is your birthright to be the very best that you already are – to be successful, by simply being yourself.

Personal – This year, mentor someone less fortunate than yourself – a family member, a friend, or if you are really brave, a total stranger (perhaps a homeless person). Help them to see that they have more choices in their life than they may realise, to not let what they can’t do, stop them doing what they can, and to value and use the talents that they already have. All we suggest is that there is no exchange of money – that is too easy.

Business – Make your organisation self-leading – unlock the talents in the people you already have, break free of external leadership dependence and be in total control of your own future.

Belief Two – An entrepreneurial economy is the only way…

…out of global recession, to long term sustainable economic success, and to support a strong public sector.

Education – Every young person in every school must learn about business.

Governments – Make it easier for entrepreneurs to employ new people – if every entrepreneurial company in your country took on just one new person then unemployment would be wiped out, immediately.

Belief Three – Business is a Force for Good

…The overwhelming majority of business leaders are honest, hard working and dedicated to helping others through their charity, community work and leading their organisations in their Corporate and Social Responsibility programmes.

Business – Let us all stand up and champion business, and business leaders.

Media – Let’s have more good news and not just the same old doom and gloom – there is plenty of good news out there – social networks make this within our own control.

What do you think?

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With love to you all


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