Paul Accepts Guiding Light To Emerge From The Darkness

MOVING from a dark place to one with a powerful shining light leading the way.

With the help of Naked Leader founder David Taylor, Paul has laid his thoughts on the line and done just that.

He is overcoming his twin fears, namely, the fear of failure and that of not maximising his career and personal life potential.

How? By accepting the issues are there and tackling them head on.

Through a series of emotional sessions between the two, David was able to reassure Paul that letting in negative thoughts ‘is okay’ and that to accept them is the first step to eradicating them.

Glass Ceiling

Paul told David: ‘With the fear of failure I feel I have a glass ceiling in my head and I keep knocking against it. I want to break through the ceiling in a way that is not going to hurt me or anybody else.’

At work he needs to implement a programme – one he doesn’t necessarily agree with – and engage others in being motivated to make it work.

He explained: ‘I can work at a strategic level or a working level, in terms of being there with the people I’m working with and energising them in understanding “how we are going to do this?”

‘I wish I had the confidence in myself to deal with the situation as it arises. By not getting frustrated. By looking at it evenly and seeing beyond a problem to resolve it.’

Paul also revealed that 10 years ago he was ‘suicidal’ with his work situation and just a short while after his father had passed away.

‘Never want to go there again’

He revealed: ‘I was in a dark place and having been there, I knew I never wanted to be there again and I never will go there again because I know I have the resilience in me to turn everything around from a negative to a positive.’

Confronting his current issues – his made up word of awfulise summing up his fears – has been such a worthwhile challenge for Paul and David explained to him: ‘It is okay to let negative thoughts in. ‘Stress, worry, fear. Let them come in, acc

Paul and David

ept them, and if you do that in silence, just say “It’s okay. It’s always okay.”

‘And if they were feelings that were with you on the day you were born – natural feelings – they will grow. If they were not, they will go.

‘Because every fear you have had since the day you were born – except the fears of falling over and loud noises – is imagined. It’s been made up. So that means they need imaginary solutions.


‘Let the negative thoughts flood into your being, and go down to your core, the centre of your being. And accept what is. Once you accept what is, in a calm and relaxed way, the feelings will complete themselves, dissolve and disappear. Never has such a counter intuitive, simple and little-known technique been so powerful.

The most powerful statement came at the end of the sessions when David told Paul the nine words that would change his life, forever.

‘When you love what is, the war is over.’

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