Paul’s a Big Fish In A Large Pool Of Talent

HAVING a goal and making sure you reach it – that’s the mantra of Paul Nicholson.

Paul Nicholson
Paul Nicholson

It is fair to say that here is a man who has scored in a big way, having been listed in the top 100 UK Chief Information Officers by the industry’s leading magazine, CIO.

Paul is IT Director of Young’s Seafood Limited, the number one seafood business in the UK, a company steeped in the traditions of all things fish in Grimsby for more than 50 years, while it traces its roots back to 1805.

What Paul doesn’t know about IT you would have trouble noting on a piece of paper the size of a prawn.

As an advocate of Naked Leader, Paul follows the “Formula For Guaranteed Success” and there is no doubt it has worked for him.

‘Have a clear goal in mind and then use the guaranteed formula for success, and keep using it until you get to your goal,’ he advises.

‘Focus on people and getting the best you can out of them. It makes them happy and your organisation benefits from improved productivity.

‘Also, remember to think about communication, written, oral and body language and ensure you know you audience.’

CIO magazine is widely regarded in the industry as the leading information brand for Britain’s Chief Information Officers and IT Directors and releases the list annually.

Paul was ranked the number 74 leading CIO in a league table compiled each year to showcase the achievements and ambitions of 100 business and technology executives leading transformation across a diverse range of markets.

The list includes the most influential and transformative technology leaders from across the UK’s biggest brands and is always strongly contested.

Specifically, Paul’s innovative and transformative IT strategy, creating an IT system to enable and support the company’s business strategy, earned him the accolade.

‘It was an honour to have been welcomed onto CIO’s Top 100 list,’ he said. ‘Young’s Seafood is making exciting progress transforming our business systems and embracing the fast paced digital world and this award is recognition, for my team and the wider network of internal and external stakeholders that we work with every day, that we can deliver exciting business development.

‘Ultimately our goal has always been to support the Young’s Seafood’s business strategy, allowing us as a company to continually deliver really great innovative products to our customers and consumers.’

Paul has transformed the IT strategy in the two years since he joined Young’s Seafood and Naked Leader founder David Taylor is not surprised.

‘Paul has always been the essence of what Naked Leader stands for and I congratulate him.’



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