On The Starship Enterprise

TO boldy go where no other spokespeople have gone before – that is the intention of a group of entrepreneurs in trying to stimulate the economy.

Those leaders have called on the Government to stretch the boundaries in the action they take, including increasing the number of enterprise zones throughout the country and extending National Insurance holiday to those in certain parts of the UK.

The London Entrepreneurial Exchange also wants a ‘fair play’ culture – with the suggestion being that those owner/managers who put a reasonable limit on the pay differential between their highest paid directors and staff should be rewarded by way of a cut in corporation tax.

Business leaders have also suggested cuts in VAT for firms in high-risk sectors – retail being one as an example – while a more detailed approach to increasing apprenticeships is another. Perhaps you could have an input into how change can be brought about for the benefit of you and the economy at large.

Meanwhile, Local Enterprise Partnerships, which replaced Regional Development Agencies in 2010, are thriving. Funded by the Government, they are are led by business, for business, holding regular focus groups, brainstorming ideas to help on issues including planning and skills across the sectors.

There are plenty of opportunities for networking out there and what better way than to share ideas, initiatives and concerns with like-minded people across Britain and beyond? Receiving help – and giving assistance in some way to others – could be both rewarding and beneficial for all concerned.

So, be enterprising. You may be able to play more of a part in the economic recovery than you think.

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