It’s a Team Game

LET the train take the strain. And we’re not talking about the 09.10 to Paddington here. As a business owner, don’t try and do everything yourself. You must delegate and to do that you must take training and development seriously. Training means helping your staff acquire additional skills to help them do the job. Development is ensuring they are able to move to the next level and beyond. Skills and experience gained in tandem.

As part of the staff member’s annual appraisal, you should identify training and development needs. This can involve courses, or perhaps sitting them next to a more experienced colleague, or maybe even temporary job swaps. Maybe a secondment would allow that individual to further their knowledge. Coaching, on a one-to-one basis, can also be beneficial.

While managing a team, don’t ignore problems between individuals. If there are strong differences of opinion on how things should be done, bring it out in the open. Discuss it as a team. Iron out the problem at the outset and there will be a greater chance of the group achieving their objectives.

Don’t force an approach on someone. Encourage them to find their own way if they are not 100% happy with the way something is being done. They will find their own way there, and be motivated doing it.

Remember there are many ways you can motivate a team and that salary should not be the sole consideration. Job security, satisfaction, recognition and status all come into the equation. And praise is a strong motivator. If someone does a good job, tell them. Make them feel good about themselves. Let them know you think they are a great team. Then the likelihood is they won’t let you down.


  • John

    I have led teams in the past and often want them to find their way on their own. As you say, imposing a will on someone is not always the best way to go. They have to feel happy with it, or what's the point? Then they can give you their all and that's going to have an impact on you if you are set to get the reward for something they have helped you to do.

  • Mary Hull

    I have never been motivated by salary and have self-generated money anyway as a freelance. Job satisfaction is the major driving force for me. That's what keeps me going. The money pays the bills but doesn't necessarily give me quality of life.

  • Marcus Adams

    Job satisfaction all the way for me too.
    There is nothing like it. hating your job while earning a lot of money is not so wonderful. I have been there and not been happy. Earning less but appreciating life more is so much more meaningful.

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