Poll Review – The Ayes Have It

CREDIT where credit’s due. We’ve all heard the phrase. So, is it right to praise people even when you know that what they’ve just done they get paid for? Should the fact it is their job make a difference?

This was the fascinating poll question on the Naked Leader website put to us by David Taylor as part of his hugely entertaining Naked Week series. The point was raised: ‘People don’t need to be thanked for just doing their jobs’, agree or disagree? The majority verdict came down in favour of the latter.

Anthony Duthoit was attempting to get back to the UK over the Christmas period and he reflected: ‘I tried my best with the harassed BA agent who was single-handedly dealing with hundreds of customers and it was good to see her spirits lift if only for a few moments. And it’s great for helping with my own personal stress levels.’

Steve Woods added: ‘Some people do need the reassurance that they are doing a good job on a more regular basis than an annual review. Others don’t. In reality, what does it take to say thank you for doing something even if they are paid to do it? Not much.’

Adam Blackie had a different view: ‘Being nice to people is so, so difficult to do ALL the time. Thank you for reminding me I need to do this more.’

The Naked Leader view is that it doesn’t take a moment to say ‘well done’ or ‘thanks’ whatever the circumstances. Communication between people is paramount in any organisation and being ‘nice’ to colleagues and friends is communicating in its simplest form.

Another interesting poll was whether or not leaders were bothered about promoting their own brand, or whether they were happy that ‘what’s out there is out there.’ The new Naked Leader website encourages interaction and has given people the platform to build their own website/blog and use it as a virtual soapbox.

‘I am new to the Naked Leader and it has been recommended to me,’ said Cynthia James. ‘First impressions are it is a welcoming and usable forum.’

Latoya Bridges agreed: ‘I guess I’ve always thought that blogging is a great idea and therefore that’s why I have submitted comments on the site. Blogging and brand awareness are big news in today’s world and I applaud the site for becoming more of a interactive tool.’

Around 77 per cent of you agreed that creating a brand was important. That’s a big endorsement and the Naked Leader maintains that blogs are search-engine friendly, cost effective and reasonably easy to create. It could be the gateway to more business for you or your company and as David says: ‘Your brand, in this digital age, may already be refreshed in the parts you cannot reach.’

Finally, a whopping 95 per cent of you will achieve your top three aims in 2011. That’s commitment for you! Hopefully you will follow the visualisation technique, encouraged by the Naked Leader. Work out where you are now, where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Everybody has it in them to succeed in whatever it is they want to achieve. The trick is to go and do it.

One of those making sure actions speaks louder than words is Chris Everton. He said: ‘I have increased my chances of success. Because I chose to. That’s what’s important. saying you will do something and then doing it.’

Quite right Chris. And Mark Hammer commented on the same theme. ‘My biggest achievement is always to make it through the day having learned something new. I focus on that and try and make sure it happens. Actually, no, I make sure it happens.’

So there’s another polls analysis. Don’t forget to have your say by logging in to www.nakedleader.com. It really is the more the merrier.


  • The aims for 2011 is a particularly good one. I have already achieved one of them. That is to still have a chance of achieving my aims by the middle of January!
    They reckon that at this stage of the year there are many people depressed with life although having aims to work for can really lift the spirits.
    I suspect that many people may have given up on their resolutions already now that the year is well and truly underway.
    My goal is to keep my aims going as long as I can. And of course, to get down to achieving them.

  • I don’t believe in setting goals. I just make sure I go out every day and live a little. I like to make things happen. I guess that’s the same thing without the preamble.

  • I like the concept of the polls and I think that others do too. It’s not always relevant to make a comment but I like to influence the voting in whatever walk of life if I can. It’s a fun element to the site.

  • I think this week’s poll is a good one although the answer for most people is an obvious one. Who wouldn’t mind landing in the stars if they aim for the moon? It’s a no brainer.

  • I agree the polls are worthwhile. It is something I look forward to each week on this site.

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