Polls Apart

THOSE of us interested in having a say in the future running of this country will be going to the ballet boxes within the next three months for the General Election.  The question is, why wait until then to have your say? Why not get involved in the Naked Leader polls which are proving a real hit on the website?.  Any other voting can wait its turn!

A couple of recent examples have really caught the imagination. The first, entitled, I tend to think what’s wrong with my life rather than what is right, got an enthusiastic – and mixed – response. An overwhelming majority of you agreed that people were indeed negative in their thinking.

Simon Jackson commented: ‘I am always asking people to consider what is going right in a glass half-full way, rather than half-empty. It amazes me that very intelligent people have a negative mindset. How more effective they would be with a positive one. There is nearly always a silver-lining whatever the circumstances.’

Another, Lewis Hulatt, added: ‘With so many people in misfortune, what with unemployment, relationship breakdown and natural disaster, it’s good to recall if you have a caring family, a job, food and a roof over your head.’

The Naked Leader’s view is, make sure you enjoy the now, remember to value the life you have and not crave that which you haven’t got. There is a real technique to it. Spend time with your family and friends – pets even, just watching them can give enormous pleasure too – and just be!

Another poll I enjoyed posed the question, Our personalities are a matter of choice, not birth. This provoked another interesting discussion and more of those votes, with the majority verdict coming down on the side of choice, over birth.

Paul Charlton ventured: ‘Of course it’s about choice. We can choose to be who we want and when we want to be that person. Change comes from within and is something we have control over. If we don’t like being a certain person we can make a difference. I believe a leopard can change its spots.’

Chris added: ‘We can be shaped by other people but we are able to make a choice about who we are. Nature has an impact but nurturing is a definite plus as we all have the ability to take what path we want.’

With an ethos that advocates choice and being in charge of our own destiny, no prizes for guessing the Naked Leader’s opinion on this particular teaser! Don’t forget to visit the website every week to have your say on the latest poll. Or don’t. It’s your choice.

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