Positivity Rules Okay

CHOOSING to live a positive life isn’t easy but it is worth it.

Whatever we do in our lifetimes takes commitment and a will to achieve success and not to accept failure. The rewards can be great, though, and they don’t have to be financial.

Right from when we were children we have learned the essentials by repetitive practice and by not giving up. Such as learning to crawl, to walk, to ride a bike.

Don’t say ‘it can’t be done’ because as a child, you just did it. There was no instant formula. Once we have mastered th habit of things we all now consider normal, we have, in our minds, accepted it is a habit we can replicate.

We can be inspired the more we reproduce that success, while passing on to others how it can be done.

Make sure you break the habit of failure by building the habit of success.

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