Power To The People

HELPING change young lives. There couldn’t really be a more powerful slogan than that and The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that does just what it says on the tin.

It is an organisation that motivates, encourages and gives confidence to those aged between 14 and 30 who have struggled at school, have been in care, are long-term unemployed or have been in trouble with the law. Three in four people who have been helped by the trust have gone on to either work, education or training, with more than 600,000 young people benefiting since 1976. That’s fantastic.

As a supporter of The Prince’s Trust, as well as one of the charity’s ambassadors, David Taylor hosted a seminar for 35 young people who have received its support to help turn their lives around. This was part of their training to become Young Ambassadors for The Trust.

Each year, the organisation has around 250 Young Ambassadors – all of whom are determined to help other disadvantaged young people get their lives back on track.
David delivered the seminar to help the young people gain leadership skills, giving them the confidence to succeed.

Rahim Hassanali, who heads up the Young Ambassadors team at The Prince’s Trust, said: “The seminar was a phenomenal piece of training that really inspired and motivated the young people. It gave them practical tools they could begin to use the minute they walked out the door, enabling them to reach their full potential.’

One of those youngsters was moved to say at the end of the day: ‘The training really seemed to give me the power to take control of my own life.’

Now that’s powerful. Even if it allowed just one child or young adult the chance to view the world as a better place for them, it has to be worth it.

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