Problem Solving With Naked Leader Week

I WAS struck by David Taylor’s brilliant Naked Leader Week entitled Don’t Sole A Problem – Solve The Problem. In it he asked people, out of three choices, to name what they face in their organisation, in a project or in a team.

Are they opportunities, challenges or issues? It’s all about perception, really.

As David says, when you allow them to flood your mind, each of them seems very different in terms of what has to be done – or indeed in terms of not knowing what has to be done.

And yet, they are not so different at all – the symptoms may seem that way, however the root cause is always – always – the same. That cause is this. It boils down to what your people choose to do on a day to day basis.

A company’s success, failure etc, is about one word, behaviour.

The choices made by your people about the actions they are going to take, in every moment on any given day are the root cause of everything.

Everything else is just noise.

As David says it is something Naked Leader prefers to call behavioural choice rather than behavioural change. ‘It all comes down to your people. It all comes down to leadership. In effect, it all comes down to you.’

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