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The Naked Leader

Business Leadership In Nuggets – the original and bestselling book. David Taylor, one of Europe’s most sought after speakers on leadership and personal growth, outlines an approach to leadership that clears away the hype and applies the most powerful, proven tools and techniques to real life without any inherent mystery or complexity. “Why naked? Because it’s time to strip away the hype, the jargon and complexity that surrounds success. It’s time for profound simplicity”. Imagine if you simply could not fail…

Warning – this book will set you free!

Naked Leader Experience

Personal Leadership in nuggets – There are no answers, only choices.  Right here and now, as you see this book, you have literally millions of choices open to you.  This has been true since the day you were born, and remains true until you die.  Yet, with so many choices and decisions to make every day, how can you be sure you’re getting it right every time?

With The Naked Leader Experience David Taylor releases you from doubt and the fear of failure as he helps you to fulfil your dreams and ambitions.  Refreshingly free of jargon and hype, and packed with positive, practical advice, this invaluable guide will also show you how the three R’s can help you…


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