Put People First

WITH the continued recovery in the economy in the next few months think positively about your business and aim higher than just keeping your head above water.

Individuals can make a difference and you need to be focussed on the most important aspect of your company if you want to come through the next year in fighting spirit.

Your people are the key. Put them first and the rest will follow. You must have talented people in your team, and while good pay is an obvious attraction, making sure your staff are engaged with the management and that career opportunities are made available is vital.

The more you give to the workforce in terms of skills and training the better equipped they will be to improve your business.

Remember, your people are not your company’s number one asset. They are your only asset.


  • People are the main focus of may organisations. That’s why it’s important to have them on the front line, the personable ones that make a difference.

  • I agree. People are what matters and the re-training of staff and making sure they get on the right courses when available are key to a growing business.
    If you allow them to stagnate and not keep up with the times because of a perceived lack of funds then that could be costly.
    It will be money well spent training those staff.

  • Working for myself now I know that I am the most important person in my organisation! And of course, when I worked for a company it should have been the people who were most important although I suspect profits in the newspaper industry were far more important than people.

  • I envy people who work for themselves. Nobody to answer to. Lovely. I guess there is more pressure to produce the goods and the terms you get for payment might not be that favourable. I am inspired by people who work for themselves too. They are courageous in going it alone.

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