Rain, Fog or Perfect Day?

Time to Read – Less than 17 years

Sir Terry Matthews, an entrepreneur, told me 17 years ago about his dream – “I will bring Golf’s Ryder cup to Wales.” And immediately everyone asked him, “How?”

And Terry smiled a knowing, private and certain smile.

From the second Naked Leader book, The Naked Leader Experience

And last week The Celtic Manor in Wales, built and owned by Terry, hosted the Ryder Cup. One dream just came true.

And when the weather forced an historic fourth day’s play, the media thought they had at last found a chink in the positive armour worn by Matthews – how wrong they were – this exchange from BBC Breakfast:

Journalist: “Have you had an extra grey hair or two, because of this weather over the last couple of days?”

Terry Matthews: “Are you kidding, an extra day, it’s almost like a special marketing deal – the longest run in history”

Well done Terry, as you know so well, no event has any meaning other than the meaning that you choose to give it

Action – What event has happened to you this week, which you can better address by changing its meaning?

And well done to Terry, to Wales and to Europe

With my love and best wishes


  • Nigel Dann

    I was made redundant on Thursday last week. I have no idea what that means – yet. And what it means can and will change – because the only meaning it has is that which I attach to it.

  • Paul Charlton

    I heard that exchange David. Terry was saying that the whole day was another business opportunity and that he was making a lot more deals because of the extra day, particularly as it was a business day. he sounds like a real character and is obviously going to look back on the weekend as one of the best of his life. The golf was sensational too.

  • Paul Charlton

    Good for you Nigel. See it as a positive. Attach a positive flag to it and go with the flow. Something will come of your redundancy, something that will be positive and life-changing. That's if you want it to. The very best of luck to you. Go and make it work. I did.

  • Michael

    Less than 17 years to read. Genius.

  • Chris Everton

    A wonderful business model that worked superbly. I wonder what is going top happen to the course now. No big major events except the Welsh Open but a host of memories.

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