Reap The Part-Time Benefits

MANY of you are flexible – and we’re not talking about your aerobic capacity! A report suggests that flexible working has had a huge impact in saving companies from the perils of the recession. Staff are more open to job sharing, shorter working weeks, and home working, in their bid to help keep their jobs – and the global economy going. Productivity has increased as a direct result.

Although employment regulations can be a hindrance, the message is that employing people at hours that suit them can be a boon to a company’s output. And yet managing to find available part-time resources can be a problem as many recruitment agents, limited to traditional practices, are reported to get only a proportion of the commission fee.

Help is at hand. If you are a business owner looking for someone – or if you are in the hunt for part-time employment – you can get in touch with Women Like Us ( They can design the right job for you – as well as find suitable roles.

It’s easy when you know how!


  • Anything that encourages firms to recognise that part-timers are worthwhile is a good scheme from my point of view. It should be encouraged.
    Life is changing in the office and employers can be lucky in finding people that can help part-time, if only they knew where to look.

  • My wife is flexible and it has meant her being able to get a job which she otherwise would not have been able to take on.
    I’m all for allowing workers to work then they are able to.

  • Part time working is great for women in particular and I am all for it too.
    If productivity is up as a result then that makes sound business sense to me.

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