Reap What You Sow

SOWING the seeds of recovery might be overstating the case, with the economy a long way from recovered.

However, there is no doubt that the record number of start-ups in the UK in recent times has created much-needed growth to lessen the impact of the public sector job losses which are about to hit. The upturn is the same world-wide.

Anything up to half a million fledgling businesses are understood to have sprouted last year in the UK alone with a similar number due to form in 2013. So redundancy doesn’t have to be catastrophic if you are one of the unfortunate ones.

There is hope. Those with entrepreneurial drive and passion to go out and make it happen, can do so. Redundancy money can be used to help get the project off the ground. Why not read David Taylor’s the Naked Millionaire for help, tips and inspiration.

Are you one of those bright sparks in the economy? Have you bounced back in tough times and managed to turn water into wine? You could prove to be the inspiration a like-minded individual needs.


  • Robert English

    Read the book, was excellent!

  • I lost my last job 8 years ago and looking back now it’s the best thing that ever happened in my career. I have coached quite a few people through this challenge and the ones who succeed are the ones who know they are good at what they do, who want success badly enough and who believe in the mantra: “There’s always work for good people.”
    D x

    PS. The Naked Millionaire is a very useful book 🙂

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