Record Your Achievements, As Well as Your Plans

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This month thousands of students the world over receive their exam results, and no matter how many you sat, each one that you pass represents a real, personal achievement.

By itself.

Not simply as a reflection of your hard work, commitment and application.

Not just so you can start planning for the future.

Rather because you did it.

You achieved it!

In life we are very good at planning for the future, and recording those plans.

And, when we make them happen, we raise the bar for our next achievement.

Which is great.

All I am inviting you to do is to also take the time to record your achievements, as well as you your plans.

Many people tell me that when they have conquered one mountain, they want to get on with climbing the next…

…And so on.

Pause…   STOP!

There will be many next mountains – there will be only one now mountain.

Register that feeling of reward and enjoy the view!

With my love and best wishes

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  • Fredrik Estberger

    So tru. We do not take the time to look back of what we have done. Achivments should be noted and the best person to note this is yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back more often.
    Best regards, Fredrik

  • This is very true and echoes something inspiring I read last month from a guy I know called Tom Franklin on his blog: “…with goals we need to LOOK FORWARD as they are an item to be acheived in the future. And this is key, as humans, we must look to the future to drive us forwards and to prevent us from being caught in a state of inertia. However along this journey it is critical, that you LOOK BACK at all that you have achieved to keep you motivated, hungry and determined to reach your end point. ”


  • Chris Everton

    It’s something that in sport you often hear. ‘When i look back on my career it will be something to tell the grandchildren.
    I agree, that’s sad. Why not enjoy it now?! Surely we have to celebrate success and not just move on otherwise we are on a treadmill to nowhere.

  • The view is awesome! Thanks, David, as always!

  • Paul Charlton

    I’m looking at the same view. Lovely.

  • Mark Hammer

    A CV can act as a record of achievement. I’ve done mine a few times for different jobs and when i see what i have done in black and white it makes me quite proud.

  • Rakesh Noah

    What is the point of achieving things if you can’t step back and enjoy them?
    That’s something i don’t comprehend.

  • Mary Hull

    Plenty of people live life so fast they feel they haven’t got time to sit and reflect.
    In a way that is so sad because the time they come to appreciate what they have done it may be too late for them to enjoy it.

  • Maurice

    Sometimes there just isn’t the time to reflect.
    Take you eye off the ball and you may not achieve the following day/week/month.

  • Maureen

    That is fairly defeatist and sad really. There has to be room for enjoyment of what has been achieved otherwise life can only be one of drudgery and moving on to the next thing with little or no reflection.
    If we achieve we owe it to ourselves to make sure it is recognised.

  • Boris Cahn

    I agree,, enjoyment is the key to life and people should be happy to accept the plaudits too.
    We all like to be told we are doing a good job.
    And winning awards and such like is just a part of that and should be embraced.
    Otherwise there is little enjoyment and just making money can be a bit of a bore. Although okay for some!

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