Reluctance To Honesty A Challenge

IN a recent post, entitled Be Sincere, we stated this.

EXUDE confidence. How? Through your personal honesty. Being sincere in your thoughts and actions, while showing a positive outlook on life, will give you an inner strength that will shine through to friends and colleagues.

Diana Oakes was good enough to comment on the article an made an excellent point.

She said: ‘First we need to convince leaders. We constantly have cultural conflicts in the workplace because officially everyone pays lip service to “open and honest” culture and being sincere yet everyone is reluctant to actually do it because deep down we are all still afraid that we will be quietly pulled aside and told “a leader is aloof, doesn’t share too much.”

‘Or, even worse, the whole thing is a tacit, implied no-no whilst we keep talking about being open. See your note about feedback and people’s doors actually being open….’

Thank you Diana – and leaders take note!



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