Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

Rafiki, master of persuasion:

Watch on full screen – Rafiki

You could write a thesis on this single scene; indeed, some people have done just that…watch out for, amongst other things:

The amazing body language throughout (by both) (watch a second time in silence!) and love the nod to the psychologist advisers – Rafiki on the rock.

Getting attention (start and “It’s a secret”)  

Muddling Simba’s brain (“can’t cut it out” and “you’re a baboon and i’m not”)

Distraction / change of state (singing in ear “squashed banana”)

• Get to the point in Simba’s world / commanding attention (“the question is who are YOU?”)

The moment of total switch of control from Simba to Rafiki (“you’re Mufasa’s boy – bye”)

The obstacles we go through to find and be our true selves

• The whole parent / child – father / son thing!

• The full on – “change” “the past” – and the whack that brings everything together for Simba’s decision to go back and reclaim his homeland

• Finally our favourite single question in Naked Leader – “so, what are you going to do?”  


With my love and best wishes

David  X

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