Rule Number One

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Rule Number One

The rules of shipping are many, varied and complex – with different versions in different countries, and changes being made all the time, and lots of mystery, jargon and noise.

Indeed, if you were to read every rule, you’d never get on the water.

However, as any sailor or boatman or captain or whatever will always tell you – they all come down to one overriding rule.

Thou shalt not collide

In the ever increasing complexity that is our organisations, our projects and our lives, what is the single most important thing to know, the one most important piece of information?

What is the headline that people absolutely need to know?

Our brains are so very powerful, and so very lazy.

They feed on simplicity.

So, amongst all of your visions, values and volumes of stuff – what is your equivalent to

Thou shalt not collide?

With my love and best wishes 



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