When I asked for a coaching volunteer at the recent “Naked Coach” London Business Forum, 2 ½ month old Ruth volunteered without hesitation!

As Ruth Slept!  We were given the opportunity to consider Choice… and our Choice to make the change in our lives… to fulfil the promise we had in those first few seconds!


“You are a bundle of unconditional love, unlimited talent with untapped potential. Just like all the people here today and everyone else, you have a right to be happy, fulfilled and to live the life you want to live.”……

…..“As you grow up, your mum and dad will say “no” to you far more than they will say “yes,” – that is because they love you, and don’t want you to be hurt”….

Ruth’s mum Emma was visibly moved by the realisation that she had already begun her programming of baby Ruth with the word NO… this Coaching session we were are all reminded that the simplest things in life are the easiest to achieve…

Swap YES for NO as often as possible to encourage self-belief, confidence and fulfilment.
 “No, we’re too busy!”
 “Yes that’s a great idea, we’ll go next week!”


“You are awake now – and you are looking at me with such wide eyed curiosity – you are not judging me, labelling me or giving any meaning to anything.

And as you start your long journey called life, please, please, always be curious.”

To all… Live life to fulfil the promise of your first few seconds, while ensuring no regret in your last!

With my love, best wishes and thanks to Ruth and her mum Emma.


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