See The Big Picture

VISUALISE a task that you have to do, one which you dread, such as doing the dishes. Then think of an image of you positively loving doing the task.

See the first image as a large picture, with the second image as a smaller one, placed in any corner of the bigger picture. Now SWAP the images, replacing the first with the second. Repeat ten times. Enjoy those dishes!

(Extract from The Naked Leader)


  • Cynthia James

    Positivity rules when doing the dishes.
    There are worse things to be doing.
    It helps to visualise enjoying something even when you don’t. Just think that at least you aren’t going to die, and that way you can get through anything.

  • Sally Hill

    There are worse jobs! Love doing dishes!

  • Ryan Norris

    Thinking of a positive outcome is something I always do to ensure I get what I aiming for.
    I agree that it can make the difference.
    If you are will to do something and have that strength of character to succeed, the odds are that you will.

  • Dan Jones

    Great example of being positive.

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