from cost to investment
Ensure a return of at least 3 times more on your investment
from all external suppliers.
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suppliers deliver?
If they don't add 3 times more
value than they cost STOP.
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3 X ROI from external suppliers

A return of at least 3 times on your investment from all external suppliers, such as IT, HR, consultancy, coaching and change.


Because it is time for suppliers to stand up and be counted and to prove their value. Too many suppliers know the cost to them of everything and the value to you of nothing. We will audit exactly what value and Return on Investment any of your external suppliers deliver, so you can then decide if you want to stay or stop working with them.

Example assignments

IT suppliers

Ensuring they are an investment and not a cost (while transforming IT into a strategic business driver).

HR Partners

It is a popular belief that HR Programmes - training, learning, etc. can’t be financially measured. That popular belief is wrong. We will prove it to you (while placing you right at the heart of your organisation).


The single most important factor in your success or failure. We know how to measure the financial value delivered by your leaders – and so will you.


We will financially measure the financial effectiveness of any consultant you are working with, or plan to work with – from the independent to the Big Four. Don't get caught up in the consultancy dependency trap.


Stop! Change Programmes never work – we will show you why, and what to replace them with. You are actually more effective hoarding your cash under a mattress than doing a traditional change programme.


There's no need for this to have a negative impact on your bottom line. Speak to us for effective coaching with a positive impact on the balance sheet .More here

Audit/financial advisors

Internal and external audits should make or save you money, not cost you money! This is actually one of the deepest principles of Corporate Governance, and it is time your auditors complied with this - we can show you how.

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