Brexit – hell to heaven

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Brexit has created an uncertainty like never before – with the countries involved and wider afield. There is only one way out of that uncertainty, that will make your future your choice, and no-one else’s. Now, you must achieve your Plan ‘A’, as you do not have the time, money and resources to fail. In short, the antidote to Brexit is to make your success inevitable, and here’s how:

the 7 changes

1. Implement the Naked Leader Formula for Guaranteed Success.


2. Unlock and unleash the unlimited powers in all of your people – not just a chosen few.

3. Ensure that your people really want to do – choose to do – what you really need them to do.


4. Everything is Measurable – hold your leaders accountable for Accountables – tangible results.

5. Radical Simplicity – identify the 10% of activities that bring in 90% of your value and stop doing everything else.

People and Profit

6. Know how to financially measure discretionary behaviour.

7. Know the clear, direct and causal links between what people do, and results.

The naked leader formula for guaranteed success

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