On any issue, challenge or opportunity – one to one or group work, delivering ROI ranging from 3 to 40 times more. As an executive or a team, you have an outcome you simply must deliver – with our coaching you will.

Relevant, engaging and focused, not academic, boring and fluffy.

Can you take control of your future?

The FUTURE doesn’t have to be the same as the PAST…

if you take action NOW.

Your outcomes

Will be achieved – fast

  • You will have a financial ROI of at least 3 times more
  • You will have tips, tools and techniques you can apply in all of your life, not just in work
  • One Team with One Voice and One Vision achieved in just one week
  • The team can be a board, a function, a cross company executive or project team
  • Our clients have also had huge success with sales/bid/pitch teams


Relevant, practical and real, not heavy, complicated or vague. We will tackle the issue head-on with you and we won’t beat around the bush because you want answers now. You don’t have the time to waste so we won’t discuss theories or case studies with you – we’ll get on with moving you forward.

Not limited  to any one discipline, approach or source. Our coaches draw on their wide range of techniques to pick the tool that will work best for you in your situation. They operate within our ‘fried egg’ framework which ensures certain standards while allowing them to maximise the skills, techniques and experiences they bring.

All about you, your style and your results, not the coaching process. In our experience there’s only what works for you and what doesn’t and we’ll find what works for you.

What makes naked leader coaching different

There’s coaching – academic, boring, soft and fluffy and there’s Naked Leader Coaching – relevant, exciting and focused on delivering 3 times more results.

  • Not locked into an endless coaching programme
  • Shortened timescales and number of sessions because we only share what works
  • Working together on your real issues to take you forward every time
  • Your coaching will be an investment not a cost
how can we help you?

Ring us on 01483 766502 or submit an inquiry form.

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