Increase company value

The ultimate – Make the 3 changes that will increase the profit, financial worth and share value of your organisation.

Where to begin?

It doesn’t matter where you begin, the principles apply everywhere and lead to the same result – very fast growth, performance and productivity.

The 3 changes

1. You will deliver your Plan ‘A’ – because you have to. In times of economic uncertainty leaders do not have the time, resources or energy for a Plan ‘B’.

2. Radical Simplicity – fewer, bigger, bolder. Identify the 10% of activities that bring in 90% of your value and stop doing everything else. It is powerful, and the results are amazing.

3. Be a Self-Leading Organisation. With no external leadership dependence – take total control of your own future and make your competitors irrelevant. The ultimate blueprint ambition for every leader.

Where we work in your organisation

We will undertake a leadership review to ensure you have the right leaders, with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time.

One Team – One Vision and One Voice. In just 3 weeks. Build total respect, agree on the teams purpose and bring truth in the room by our unique approach to surfacing the real issues that have been undermining the teams effectiveness, and building on that new understanding.

We know how to ensure that 100% success with projects – after all, we designed how to do it. Project success – and failure – are not a matter of chance, they are a matter of choice.

We love this one. Working with you, together we will reduce the number of meetings, and the length of those meetings, by at least 50% – within 2 weeks of working together (and they will be far more effective).


  • Radical simplicity – you will achieve more, in less time, with happier people
  • Your projects will be prioritised across your organisation
  • You will switch mind-sets from ‘cost’ to ‘value’
  • Everyone, every team and every function will know how what they do helps achieve your strategy
  • An entrepreneurial mindset will run throughout your organisation
  • Everyone will feel valued
  • Your customers and clients will be put first and foremost in everything that you think, say and do

Focus on value

how can we help you?

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