Ensure that you have a culture in which everyone thrives, in which your people will love to do what you really need them to do – the polar opposite of boring, expensive and irrelevant change programmes.

The biggest single factor in your future success is the wellbeing of your people – it is the root cause of everything that you achieve, or don’t.

Working days lost by type of ill health

25.7 million working days lost, 2016/17 (HSE)

Your outcomes

The right leaders, with the right skills, mindset and passions in the right place at the right time, doing the right things:

  • You will retain and attract the best quality people
  • Days off due to stress will plummet
  • Your reputation as a caring organisation will be an asset
  • People will love coming to work
  • Your culture will be alive with agility. spirit and drive
  • New ideas will flow as a matter of course

Example assignments

We make MIndfulness real – for people, teams and throughout an organisation – the benefits are extraordinary. Recent assignments have included teaching Mindfulness in China, from where it originated.

The costs in lost time, reputation and legal fees are only going to grow. We don’t reduce stress, we remove it. We have recently worked with teams to focus more on what they want, and less on what they don’t, by moving from the energy sapping ‘no, but’ to the energy giving ‘yes, and’.

Never has business, money and happiness been brought together as one – until now. It is powerful, and the results are amazing. We now run evening assignments – ‘Naked Leader Improv for Business’ – that unlock fun, build closer relationships and unleash amazing new ideas.

When you achieve this it stops being known as ‘work’ – your people will love doing what they do, and you will attract the very best, especially millennials. Our work in this area goes way beyond strength based teams, and into unlocking passion, finding meaning and achieving truly balanced lives.

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