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Naked leader workshops

Outcome: Learn how sports champions actually become champions and how you too can apply that to your work so that your organisation and you become champions as well.

Outcome: Understand how to apply mindfulness techniques in the real world of your organisation – for immediate benefit. We are honoured to run workshops on Mindfulness in China, and the Chinese have been practising it for many thousands of years!

Outcome: Make better decisions, faster, in fewer, shorter meetings. Know the main decisions that must be taken in projects. And in both meetings and projects, when you have made a decision, know how to stick with it and make it happen.

Outcome: Change your mind – and keep the change. Know how to harness the power of your mind to help yourself, transform your relationships and apply in your organisation.

Outcome: Everyone loves stories – learn how to craft a compelling story around what you do so that others understand, buy into and champion your ideas.

Outcome: How to deliver 100% of projects, 100% of the time – in the real world. No academic theory, Prince 2 or any other brain draining boredom – simply how to own, drive and deliver a project – fast.

Need to make fast and lasting change?

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