Share Your Vision – Today!

DECIDING where you are now, where you want to go and how you are going to get there is all part of Naked Leader’s Formula For Guaranteed Success.

When he arrived at school 32 years ago, Tony Lewis saw no sign of a vision being shared, nor did he hear a message of inspiration which may just have sparked added interest among he and his fellow pupils.

And yet, all these years later, he finally heard that message and got it – albeit three decades late!

As he explains: ‘We’d been looking at big schools recently for my son and one just happened to be the Grammar school I attended a long time ago.

‘The headmaster’s speech started with, “Your son will leave this school a well-rounded individual, equipped to deal with a world that we currently know little about…”

‘He went on… “they will be given a vast array of opportunities in which to participate.” ‘He also shared other key principles of the strategy to develop the pupils. It was a marvellous 30 minutes of insight through speaking from the heart and showing videos of achievement.’

It irks Tony that he never heard it himself when he was aged 11 as he believes it would have been of benefit to him and his peers at that time.

‘I always knew those teachers were up to something,’ he says. ‘It’s a shame they didn’t share the message with the pupils at the time!’

In business Tony believes in the notion of passing on the purpose and direction of where a company is headed, to ensure everybody is aware of the set objectives.

‘It’s important to share the vision with everyone in the organisation, directly,’ he says.

‘Not just with your managers, but everybody in the business, then to share it again. ‘They’ll get it, just as I would have done at 11-years-old [the school vision]. In fact, I think it’s cruel not to share the vision, otherwise – how do people know where they’re going?’





  • Robert English

    What a great story and a fitting reminder that forward thinking needs to start right now, and everybody needs to be included in the strategy, and know about it.

  • Naked Leader

    Thank you Tony for sharing you story with us –
    “In fact, I think it’s cruel not to share the vision, otherwise – how do people know where they’re going?”
    – exactly!

  • Frances Granger

    I agree, sharing the vision should be first on the list, for schools as well as business.

  • Dan Jones

    It’s like a business plan. You have to be able to work towards a goal to make sure you are hitting targets.
    It’s the same with having a vision in the company.
    Everybody strategically involved and valued, knowing what they are contributing to the success of that business.

  • Abiola Yusuf

    I totally agree. Leaders (irrespective of how many people we lead) or people in a place of influence, should continue to “paint the picture”. Some will get it immediately while it might take longer for others to get it. Keep painting the picture until the message is clear to all.

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