Shaun’s A Model Case Study

IF you are looking for a model case study in how to unlock your full potential, look no further than 30-year-old Shaun Wilcock.

Shaun Wilcock
Shaun Wilcock

Shaun has climbed the IT ladder to become CEO of TeleData, a Co-location Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Provider and Advanced Signal Monitoring (ASM), a leading Security Alarm Receiving Company. He is proof that inner drive and dedication can take you a long way in business.

‘I would say never be afraid of change or making a mistake,’ he says. ‘I am a great believer that doing nothing is often worse than not doing anything at all. As Richard Branson once said “Screw it, lets do it!”

‘If mistakes occur, then admit, embrace and learn from them, create an open culture of trust, honesty, integrity and respect. Trust your instincts, believe in the cause and always contribute to life with something different.’

By his own admission, Shaun’s brush with Naked Leader – a mere sweep of acrylic in the overall picture of his life so far – is an astonishing one.

Coming from a working class background and having had a stormy relationship with his father, he dropped out of high school and left home aged 15.

And yet three years later, for his 18th birthday, his father – perhaps belatedly needing to make a positive contribution given the pair’s problems – helped shape his son’s personal development. How? Well, he handed Shaun a copy of The Naked Leader as a gift.

‘It was the one book he has ever bought me,’ reveals Shaun. ‘It has since been the basis on how I have conducted myself in business for the last 12 years.

‘Unfortunately my father passed away in 2006 and therefore receiving the postcard from Naked Leader congratulating me on my new job really took me back as it reminded me of the day I received the book and his advice to follow it.’

Receiving Naked Leader founder David Taylor’s first bestseller was the start of an inspirational and emotional voyage for Shaun, whose father died two weeks before the birth of his daughter, now aged eight, while he has 17-month twins too.

Galvanised by Naked Leader’s ethos and guided by David’s key principles in the book, he began to fashion his own future. Of course, his passion for business and desire to succeed played no small part!

‘I have always had an appetite for work, at a young age I was doing multiple paper rounds, repairing computers, setting up websites and working on the local park in the summer. This funded my appetite for all things technical including computer parts, manuals, exam books and IT magazines.” he reveals.

’My big break came when I was offered a job working for a world leading Video over IP Manufacturer in the security industry, named Dedicated Micros,” he explains. “I travelled around the world supporting subsidiary offices, prestigious projects and exhibitions – the job was fun, exciting and engaging.

‘Following the birth of my first daughter I decided to avoid complacency, taking the next step in my career I was offered a position at Reliance. I built a central technical capability from the ground up, taking over IT, Development and Professional Services functions.

‘I felt a great sense of achievement and took pride in building a great team and helping others with their own career progression. I am a great believer in treating others how you wish to be treated, I’d like to think I take this from my mother. ’

‘At TeleData, I’m very fortunate to be working with the team to take the company to the next level. With a visionary eye I am taking the lead in the development of unique new products and services that will be delivered via a game-changing Co-Operative business model. Early feedback from customers has been exceptional – I am very excited!’

So, Shaun Wilcock’s passion and desire to reach the top, through adversity, is a heart-warming story.

Perhaps it’s all in the name – after all, where there’s a Wil there’s a way!






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