Show A Little Interest!

ARE you showing enough interest in your deposits? Yes, that question has a double meaning!

Because businesses are missing out on millions of pounds a year by holding cash in accounts that give you little or no return on the investment.

Think of a number between £55billion and £65billion – okay, let’s call it £60billion – and research indicates that is the estimated figure maintained in business current accounts that pay out only small change, or worse, nothing at all, when it comes to interest. It’s time to think about making it work better for you!

In addition, firms are depositing more because business owners are reluctant to tie their funds up with a notice account for fear of needing to access it quickly in the current downturn.

There is a choice, though, to keeping cash available for daily expenditure, and experts believe a little extra planning can make the difference and help companies earn more on what they already have.

Instant-access accounts are available if you shop around – so make sure you show more interest in what your money is doing so that it can return the compliment!


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