Be Simply The Best

THINK of Simply The Best and an image of singer Tina Turner springs to mind. She sang an iconic song and suggested in the lyrics that we could be better than all the rest.

Well, no doubt you would like to be the best in whatever job or role you find yourself in. There are certain aspects of your character you can consider when trying to make yourself better.

Firstly, creativity, imagination, call it what you will – challenge yourself to find different ways of achieving a certain task. Take criticism in the spirit it is intended, to help you, and make sure when you are handing it out that it is constructive and based around helping the individual improve. Say ‘well done’ when it is appropriate.

Don’t stick to a tried and trusted formula, such as selling techniques you might have used over many years. There is the old adage ‘stick to what you know best.’ And that might be what made you the successful person you are today. However, be flexible. Allow yourself to move with the times. Be adventurous.

Also, be enthusiastic, energised and show people you are excited about what you’re doing. Show them you care and they will care too. Try to copy what other people do well. Model yourself on someone you admire. And always be receptive to learning.

Attention to detail in areas such as finance, to make sure you are aware of profit/sales in the business environment is also important. Be on the ball. Be the best.


  • Mark Hammer

    All useful tips. I think life is all about evolving and that can happen in business too. We evolve and we get better as people and more knowledgeable as we go on. I love to feel as though I've energised my team too. It gives me a lot of satisfaction.

  • Paul Charlton

    I believe you should stick to what you know best and that's the way to achieve stuff. Otherwise you might be taking on more than you can chew. There's a lot to be said for delegation in business and you don't always have to be the best at something if you've employed someone else who is better quaified. Let them get on with it.

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