Sing Now They’re Winning

WIN by name – and now, after a period of extreme adversity, Ian Winstone is learning to win by nature.

Not only has Ian seen the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, he has sprinted the final mile and emerged into the full glare of the sun with a new-found confidence and a searing belief that anything is possible.

Ian’s is a remarkable story and he admits to having found the perfect toolkit to help him deal with any challenges life chooses to throw at him and his family – David Taylor’s best-selling book The Naked Leader.

Ian found that Meditation, Synchronicity and simplified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), all techniques in David’s ground-breaking work, helped him escape from what had become a debilitating downward spiral for him and his remarkable wife Romana.

Ian, who works for @first parts solutions, a division of Ford Retail, takes up the story. ‘Five years ago I was able to separate work from leisure time and deal with any issues in both work and private life with various techniques and beliefs until an incredible series of events clouded my thoughts and vision.

‘My wife Romana, who had suffered from renal complications, with only 15% kidney function, suddenly announced she was pregnant.’

Advised against continuing with the pregnancy, the couple were positive the doctors were wrong and after seven months Romana gave birth to a baby girl a little more than two pounds who spent the next two months in intensive care.

Complete renal failure followed, Romana put on dialysis three times a week, the couple at a low ebb, their joy at becoming parents tempered by understandable worry.

‘We lost sight of what needed to be done and were struggling to be positive about the future,’ Ian continues.

‘We then began to follow the structure of guaranteed success and at this time had not read David’s book.

‘We knew our situation clearly, where we wanted to get to and we set about finding out how to get there. Then we did it. I was tested and was a good match for a transplant. To cut a long story short seven months after our now perfectly healthy daughter was born; my wife received a kidney from me and is now healthier than ever.’

What happened next was astonishing.

Less than two years after the operation, Romana not only represented Great Britain at the World Transplant Games in Sweden, she won two swimming gold medals.’

Incredibly proud of his wife’s achievements, it was still not quite the happy ending for Ian at that stage and he explains: ‘I had lost focus about how to succeed at work and keep that positive focus and attitude, after all the battles we had gone through.

‘I was told recently about Naked Leader coming into our business and how it was going to revolutionise how we worked and how we could achieve what we would normally think was impossible.

‘I attended a one-day Naked Leader workshop, bought the book, and wow, I’m now reading it a second time in the space of a month and have personally renamed it my FIRST AID book.
‘All the tools and techniques I had previously used were all there, in one single book, in front of me.

‘I’m well on the way to recovery and away from being negative and tired all the time, and feeling I’ve got the world on my shoulders. I’m applying lots of the new ideas in the book to make dramatic changes, reach for the stars again and, to put it simply, love life.

‘I am completely convinced I can do anything and sometime soon I will be able to give my copy of the book to someone who too can experience the same.

‘For the moment the book will be close at hand so I can read and re-read it until it becomes second nature.

‘And the other day David called me to tell me how he had heard our story, and how humbled he was that the book had been such a big help.’

Now, having read Ian’s story, is there anybody who still thinks the problems they encounter are impossible to solve?

Ian has proved there can be a way. Finding it is the key.

A final thought. Consider this quote from the late Art Linklettter, a Canadian-born American radio and TV personality. ‘Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.’

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