“So, am I any lighter…?”

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“So, am I any lighter…?”

My New Year resolution was to be a stone (14lbs or 6.35 kg) lighter by 31st March

How did I do?

On 1st January I weighed 14st 7lb (203 lbs. or 92.079 kg)

As I write this I weigh (drum roll) 12st 13lbs (181 lbs. or 82.1 kg)

I lost 1 stone and 8 lbs. (22 lbs. or 9.979 kg) in three months

(no it’s not a slightly late April Fool!)

The system I used, which I am writing about in “My Final Diet” has thrown up some very interesting new experiences that I had not expected, namely:

• I know how to lose weight, I need to adapt the system for people who want to gain  weight and/or to hold the weight they are/reach

• The number of people who said “don’t lose any more or you will look gaunt” – i.e. peer pressure to stop dieting – oh, to look gaunt!

• How ineffective exercise is at shifting weight – and how much more effective it is in other ways

So, I will now revisit “My Final Diet” which will now be published in May 2012 – forgive the humility, it will be worth the wait, or weight ?

How are you doing with your New Year resolution?

Go on; share with the world, we are here to support you

With my love and best wishes


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