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Naked Leader
‘4 Tests Of Truly Authentic Leadership – In All Walks Of Life’ -Naked Leader WeekIn Naked Leader we believe that leadership is a Force for Good, or it is not ‘leadership’ at allDo your Leaders – in your organisations, communities and countries pass the four Truth, Trust and Transparency Tests?1 – OverallThe Acid Test of Leadership – stripped of their position, power and traits of office, would your leader still get the very best from the people that they lead?2 – TruthThey always tell the truth – if they can’t, then they say why e.g. its company confidential3 – TrustThey always behave in the way they ask and expect others to behave4 – TransparencyThe biggest test here is when something goes wrong – are they quick to genuinely apologise, which is very powerful, or do they wait until they are found out, and then say sorry, which is, eh, rather less soWith my love and best wishes to you allDavidXAnd catch the Vlog version of this article by following the link here: #nakedleader #authentic #Force4Good
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