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Naked Leader
‘Discipline is…’ – Naked Leader WeekDiscipline is DestinyAs coined by William James in the late 19th CenturyI had to really apply it when I secured my first ever writing ‘gig’ – a weekly column for ‘Computer Weekly’ – 500 words on any subject I chose – not one more, or less, and it had to be with their editor by midnight on the Sunday before Thursday’s publication.Fail to deliver just once and my column was no more.OMG – The Pressure!!!If you have a deadline, do this – apply MASSIVE personal pain to it not being achieved and MASSIVE personal pleasure to it being achieved.Our mind cannot tell the difference between something that happens in reality and something we imagine with emotional intensity – so that pain and pleasure will be very real to you.So, thank you to ‘Computer Weekly’ and also for the next two NL Weeks – how you were the first to reveal the truth about the Chinook Helicopter crash (1986) and the first to reveal the problems with The Post Office’s Horizon computer system, way back in 2009 – 11 years before the Enquiry started!With my love and best wishes to you allDavidXAnd to catch this week’s article on audio, narrated by David, just click on the link here: #nakedleader #destiny #discipline
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