Stand And Deliver – Get The Most Out Of Presentations

CAN you grab the attention of others? Are you able to take centre stage and make an impact? Can you, in those immortal words of Adam Ant, stand and deliver?

Well, Lucy Moore, a Community Products Manager for The Prince’s Trust, can. Lucy attended the last Powerful Presentations course run by Naked Leader associate Martin Coburn. And she had this to say about how she benefited from her two-day experience.

‘The course inspired me to take a fresh approach to presenting,’ she said. ‘Presenting is no longer about standing up and reeling off stats in an uncompelling way to a disengaged audience. For me now, it’s about grabbing the audience’s attention, performing for them, having a conversation with them, interacting with them, and leaving them driven into action.

‘With a huge cross range of people in our group, we had the opportunity to learn from each other as well as from Martin. All of the activities we undertook were unique and totally different from what I had expected; drawing out the skills that were already in fact embedded in me. He covered everything, from realising my “showtime” state, to learning a clear and simple formula to use in any presentation.’

Lucy, who had been energised by what she’d gleaned from Martin, was keen to put what she had learned into action. She added: ‘I returned to the office and held a session for the rest of my fundraising team to pass on some of the gems that we learned.

‘We are now all feeling far more confident about using much more impactful, emotive language, and comfortable with the idea of putting on a performance – over-  exaggerating any actions we make when giving presentations.

‘It’s all about being a performer and stepping outside of yourself for five to 10 minutes to really engage your audience. I feel we will now do an even better job at inspiring our supporters about the work of The Trust.

‘Given the opportunity again, I know many members of staff would be very keen to undergo the Naked Leader transformation to feel great and look confident in front of any audience.’

Thanks for the feedback Lucy and now others have their chance to be inspired on a course that is well worth the investment, time and money. That’s because another Powerful Presentations two-day course will take place on October 27th – 28th in Central London. The cost is £894 (exc VAT) – with an early bird booking price £804 (exc VAT).
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