Substance Over Speed

REMEMBER that launching an idea or concept which is sustainable is far more important than the speed in which it is introduced.

Common sense says that anything new is piloted to see whether it works. That way it can be tinkered with and fine tuned to ensure any flaws are ironed out. Then you can roll it out with confidence – and it will last.


  • You have to make sure something is going last otherwise why introduce it?
    i have this conversation with my son.
    he is always first at maths as he is competitive and likes to race the other boys to make sure he is first. Is his work correct? No it’s not. So he can’t sustain that over a period of time. he really has to get the work right, then go quickly.

  • Longevity is key. Why would anyone do something quickly when it isn’t going to last?

  • Making sure something works is vital in a company before roll out. Otherwise all sorts of problems can hit home.

  • Things can be done quickly and this has to be a balance.
    It’s no good slouching away at a concept and dragging it out as this is not cost effective time for the company.
    yes, get it right, but make sure you have the people that can produce the goods in a shorter time as possible.
    Set goals, make sure those goals are achievable, and go from there.

  • There have been plenty of instances where things have happened without due thought and attention.
    Rolling out the Millennium Dome as one of them. That was a ridiculous idea. And yet now it has been made to work.
    Initially though, it lose millions because of a poorly thought concept.

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