Take the lead by voting

Time to Read – 45 seconds

The Pain and Pleasure nl week provoked some discussion and comment as to how true it is.

This week – in the UK we have a general election and local elections.

You will know by now my conviction that we should stop complaining and get off our backsides and take action.

A staggering number of people do not take up their vote a vote at one time during this campaign experts forecast below 60% (Telegraph 6 Apr 2010). In any democratic community where you have the right to vote ASSERT that right. 

Do not complain about the government, the state of the UK economy or MPs values and behaviour if you have not shown the small step of leadership by casting your vote.

In my view – do not vote = lose your right to complain.

Majorities are made up of single votes – all votes make a difference. It is likely that the more apathetic voters, not being habitual voters, would vote very differently to what can ever be predicted.

ACTION – So when you have the opportunity show leadership by making your mark – on the ballot paper.

With my love and best wishes


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