Rod AldertonLead - Client Digital

areas of expertise
  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • IT to enable business growth and efficiency
  • Agile people and team development
key achievements
  • Developing disruptive digital solutions in Finance Services
  • Making Agile work and scaling it
  • Ownership of budgets over £100M

Rod is the ex CIO of RSA, AXA and Equinity Group, leading over 1,000 people.

Digital Short-Breaks:  Going on a Digital journey can be like going on holiday.

Both should be fun and beneficial if you get them right!

Have you ever had a weekend away that felt like a holiday?  A night out after work that made it feel like a day off?

“Unlocking potential already within people and enabling them to own the improvements they make means everyone is motivated and everyone wins!”

Do you find it easier for the boss to approve a couple of days off than a couple of weeks or even a sabbatical?

Sometimes more can be achieved in short focused periods of time, it’s easier for people to approve, results are seen quickly and regularly, everyone is more motivated etc.

So put the “brakes” on long transformations and start giving people lots of “breaks” instead.

Enjoy the summer!

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