Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want!

NEVER mind the Spice Girls – do your customers let you know what they really want? Do they give you feedback? If not, go and ask them. Make it easy for them to approach you with their requests/feedback.

Ask them how do they rate your customer service and what their expectations are of you? Ensure your complaints procedure is monitored so you know how many you receive and how quickly/efficiently they are dealt with.

That way customers who might have complained can be moulded into loyal customers.


  • Ethan Ross

    Customers are so important so that’s good advice.

  • Neil C

    Customers and staff are of equal importance.
    You need customers of course but you also need staff who can handle the relationships and make the whole thing work.
    One goes with the other and without one of them, your business will fail.

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