The Acid Test of a Prime Minister…

Time To Read: Just under three minutes

…And any leader – you, your boss, your boss’s boss, is this:

If you were stripped of your title – the power to punish and reward your people – would you still get results out of them?

If yes you are a true, authentic leader.

If not, Action – what are you personally going to do about it? Start by asking your people and teams what they want you to do more, or less, of.

I first presented that acid test in March 2001, so forgive me if you have read it before – it just seems so relevant today, right now. As you and your teams face doing ever more work, with ever fewer resources, as business leaders the world over seek to reinspire and engage their people after the recession, and as in the UK we choose our new Prime Minister.

As the candidates seek your vote, ask yourself a variation of the acid test – if they were stripped of their title, their traits of office, would you trust them as individual human beings?

With best wishes

Poll – If your boss was stripped of his/her title – the power to punish and reward their people – would they still get results out of you?

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