The Art of Being Brilliant

Time to Read – 3 minutes

Have you ever achieved something in your life, that you are very proud of, and then someone else comes along and does it better, like being trumped at cards?

Well, there I was, thinking I had achieved that elusive magic element in The Naked Leader books – simplicity. Simplicity in stripping down to the essentials, and then stripping them down even further, until you end up with pure common sense, that in this age of information overwhelm is sadly not so common.

Then along came Andy Cope’s first book,” Being Brilliant.” Full of the blindingly obvious, stuff we can make happen in our personal as well as business lives, and with bags of humour thrown in.

And, to add insult to injury, he even had the bare faced cheek to ask me for an endorsement! How was I supposed to endorse a book that does what I set out to do, so much better?

Still, I wrote an endorsement, consoled myself that this was a one off, a true one book wonder, and relaxed.

Then one day – THUMP – a large envelope hit the mat. And guess what? It was now two Andy’s! with a second book – “The Art of Being Brilliant.” And this time they didn’t just want an endorsement, they wanted me to write a foreword!

No way, how am I supposed to write about a book that is written with such easy to follow language, in such a clear and practical style, and which has at least one simple idea on every page that you can make happen straight away?

And with illustrations!!

No, it’s all too much.

Sorry Andy’s – the answer has to be no.

Now, will you please stop writing such great books, and go get proper jobs.


The Art of Being Brilliant by Andrew Cope and Andy Whittakerand with the above Foreword by David Taylor.

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