The CEO Top Ten – Right Now

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The CEO Top Ten – Right Now

Whenever we see or speak with CEO’s we ask them “what is at the very top of your most difficult, yet most important pile, right now?

The CEO’s are from private, listed, charity and 3rd sector companies, based in many countries.

It is not a formal survey, it is not scientific and it is not particularly structured – it is a finger on the pulse question to simply see what they say – when we reach 100, we share the list with our client partners – on this occasion, we have decided to share it with everyone.

This week we list them, and next week I will share with you what to do about them, that will work, based on what I have seen work, in real companies around the world.

OK – in chart rundown order – the Top Ten issues:

10 Meetings – personally and within their organisations – too many, too long, too expensive.

9 Silos – Wanting their directors to think horizontally across the organisation, not just living in their own “strategic business unit.”

8 Compliance – staying out or prison. What do they need to do, without dedicating so much energy, resource and time that they can’t get on with the day job.

7 Projects – Too many (most CEO’s felt their organisations were doing far too many things), with too little accountability, prioritisation or realisation of benefits.

6 Social Media – What should we be doing to use it as a competitive advantage?

5 Innovation – Less candy floss brainstorms, bigger, dangerous ideas that will make the difference.

4 Reputation as an ethical company – “We spend years building something that can take seconds to destroy” “We want to be a Force for Good, and don’t know how.”

3 Customers (Yes, THIRD!) – Need more (“who will pay us on time”).

2 The Quality and effectiveness of our leaders – “we need internal leaders who deliver,” includes removal of external dependence on leadership (to consultancies).

1 ?

It’s not often that we have a cliff hanger in NL Week – what do you think is number one? Clue – it’s not a fear of being found out (that is the secret number one), say what you think below – and next week I will reveal all, including three actions for each that will work, for you to do if you are a CEO, or for you to do to impress your CEO and be a total hero.

With my love and best wishes


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